Sunday, 23 October 2011

Evolution of the code #6

Radiation, Geiger Counter
Today i wanted to implement the radiation zone and a geiger counter. After all, what IS a fallout game without radiation right?

The zone itself is nothing special - it simply checks each entity in the zone and notifies it that it entered a radiation zone, then  applies damage if its close enough. The geiger counter was also implemented and its sound delay is relative to the distance the player is close enough to the actual damage zone, instead of the center of the radiation zone.

Empty clip sounds, Reloading and more lua
I have also added the small details to weapons and sounds can be set now. Due to the way neoaxis is made sounds for deploying and holstering an item can also be created. Since last week ive exposed a function to lua in which any property can be set - this week i decided to expose every public function the entity has. This basically means that, as of now, any mapper can do pretty much anything with a lua script.

In the video below I tried to show a bit of the updates (turn based combat was disabled).

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